Trivia quiz #1


1. If you are suffering from logorrhea what is your ailment?

2. What Hindi (or Sanskrit) word does Mandarin, the official form of Chinese language with the most speakers in the world, originate from?

3. What was the first clinical use of cocaine?

4. What is a vyomanaut?

5. Every American President with a beard while in office has belonged to this political party. Which party am I talking about?


1. You are excessively talkative and might often talk nonsense. We seem to know many people who suffer from logorrhea and hope the medical community finds a drug to cure this disease!

2. Surprisingly, the root word for Mandarin might actually be mantri.

3. Noted psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud used cocaine to treat morphine addiction. Needless to say this didn’t last very long as a form of treatment!

4. The Indian spacefarer who is the equivalent of an astronaut or cosmonaut. Reminds me of Captain Vyom!

5. The Republican Party