The one with kumro

– I can’t call this weekend. We’re going to a pumpkin festival.
– Pumpkin? What is that?
– It is what we call kumro in Bangla
– And they will cook kumro?
– No, they will just carve faces.
– Carve faces? Why will they do that?
– To make scary faces, put candles inside, and place in windows.
– And the kumro?
– Usually they just throw them away.
– I see. Do they at least dry and eat the seeds?
– No.
– I see. And this so-called pumpkin festival, this is big in America, yes?
– Yes. Sometimes, they make pies with kumro, that are like pithes. They also sometimes flavor tea with spices and kumro. It really is big over here, especially among the ladies.
– What, kumro tea?
– Yes, very milky kumro tea is popular this time of the year.