Aladdin and the forty lamps

It is rather sad that the colossal efforts I make to be satirical pale in comparison to the headline news I read in Bangla newspapers. But what to do? As the inimitable Jotayu quipped, “truth is stronger than fiction!”

Take for example the breaking news published in Bartaman, a leading newspaper from Kolkata. It concerns the reaction of one Ms. Mamata Banerjee regarding a recent unfortunate spate of deaths in hospitals in the state of West Bengal. Her comments could be brushed aside as irrelevant, but for a minor, inconvenient fact: she is the Chief Minister of the state and also holds the portfolio of Health.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the  first paragraph of the news-story in Bartaman below or my translation of  it.

Infant Deaths: Chief Minister Blames Her Predecessors in the Left Front Government

“Am I Aladdin’s forty lamps?”

Our own correspondent: Kolkata:  With respect to the recent deaths of infants in hospitals in the state, Chief Minister, Ms. Mamata Banerjee noted that these infants were, in fact, conceived during the time of the preceding government of the Left Front led by the CPI(M) party. Friday at an awards ceremony hosted at the Salt Lake Heath Centre, Chief Minister, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, who also holds the portfolio for Health,  commented that the Left Front was responsible. She said, “the infants which are being admitted to the hospitals in the state were conceived 10 months ago when the Left Front was in power. We have not been in power for 10 months yet. Don’t forget it.” She also said,  “how can a government do in two days what a progressive government had not achieved in 34 years? Is this Aladdin’s 40 magic lamps?”

Shehrzad rolls in her grave.


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